Announcement! Network Capital Dr. Anamika Scholars – 2022

Dr. Anamika has always been passionate about encouraging young writers and democratizing poetry among students. In honour of her winning the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2021, Utkarsh and Unnayan (her sons) announced a prize to look for outstanding Genz poets, rope them in our community of friends and help us in our mission of promoting poetic justice in all spheres of life! Begging to differ with Plato, we would welcome poets in our Republic of Ideas because, as sons and intense admirers of poetry we know how delicately and delightfully poetry, works on the deepest layers of our being, helping us become the best versions of our own selves. 

In response to the award we had instituted, we received hundreds of high-quality applications from around India. They were then invited to submit a video recitation. 44 people were shortlisted as finalists and they have now been recognised as Anamika Scholars.

As Anamika Scholars they get – 

  1. A lifetime subscription to Network Capital worth $1000 (INR 80,000). 
  2. A community of fellow poets to learn from and flourish with
  3. Opportunities to get their poetry published. 
  4. A merit certificate 
  5. Mentorship and guidance to improve as poets 

Let’s congratulate these 44 poets who will form the Anamika Scholars community for 2022-23!

Abbas Ali, Aditya Rahbar, Aishwarya Pratim Rabha, Akansha Ira, Ananya Pahari, Ankit, Arnab Sengupta, Ashish Kumar, Ashraf Nehal, Bhavya Jayati, Bhujgesh Ojha, Binish Humayun, Chia Malik, Devanshi Mankotia, Fahid Hameed, Fardeen Ahmad, Gadge Arati Lahu, Ipshita Chakraborty, Jiiti Advika, Jyotirmaya Kar, Kabir Jain, Kajal, Khyati Pal, Kinshuk Gupta, Kishori Lad, M.S. Alphonze, Malvika Jayakumar, Manvi Wahane, Muskan Sharma, Nidhi, Nikhilesh Mishra, Padma Parija, Parvathy Salil, Priyank Chauhan, Roshni Kapoor, Shashi Ujjwal Gupta, Shashwat, Shashwat Sanjeev, Shreya Gupta, Smrithi Sundar, Sonali Khatri, Vaibahvi, and Vaishnavi Sai

Poet-tree (10 scholars who will lead the community)

After much deliberation and extended dialogue with senior poets from different Indian languages (ie. K Satchidanandan, Lakshami Kannan, A.J. Thomas, Nilim Kumar, Shivdayal, Ambar Pandey, Chandrashekhar S and Rashmi Bharadwaj), Dr. Anamika and Network Capital are happy to announce the names of those 10 poets among the 44 Anamika Scholars who would lead the community of fellow poets this year by staging, analysing, polishing and translating their work in their own languages. 

These 10 leaders together will also receive a cash prize.

Aishwarya Pratim Rabha

Bhavya Jayati

Devanshi Mankotia

Kinshuk Gupta

M.S. Alphonze

Malvika Jayakumar

Manvi Wahane

Nikhilesh Mishra

Parvathy Salil


Some others like Abbas Ali, Sonali Khatri, Kajal, Ipshita, Arnab Sengupta, Shreya Gupta, Jyotimaya Kar, Chia Malik, Fahid Ahmad, Shashi Ujjwal Gupta, Padma Parija, Bhujagesh, Muskan Sharma, Akansha Ira, Roshni Kapoor, Ananya Pahadi, Jiti Advika, Shashwat and Khayati Pal have been deeply appreciated.

They would soon be published in our first issue of the Bilingual Journal, Pashyantee. Because poetry chooses to tell the truth and tell it slant, more direct, descriptive and didactic poetic utterances need to be worked upon and toned down a bit but this does not mean that we doubt the hidden potential of any one of you. You are brilliant citizens of the Republic of Poetry that we are all trying to raise, and Network Capital looks up to you for helping us all to adopt poetry and poetic justice as the way of life.

Separate mail follows. Meanwhile, approach Network Capital after a week here.

Watch the 44 Anamika Scholars for 2022

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