Pashyantee Talks: Rekhta founder Sanjiv Saraf in Conversation with Tarika Prabhakar

A candid talk with ace industrialist and Urdu connoisseur Sanjiv Saraf, the founder of the dynamic and revolutionary platform Rekhta, which has become synonymous with the contemporary Urdu world. The conversation is an interview cum video review of his latest book Love, Longing, Loss published by Rekhta Books, conducted by Tarika Prabhakar. Sanjiv Saraf talks about how his passion for Urdu metamorphosed into this book, through which he hopes to share his love for some of the most moving Urdu couplets gathered with love. The book is a quirky and unorthodox anthology of Urdu Shayari accompanied with literal meanings as well as masterful transcreations done by Saraf.