Founded in 2020, Pashyantee is a Bilingual journal, dedicated to the exploration of Samarasya / Equipoise- providing space to undo fixed and gendered gazes and bring about a space for writing, revisiting, translating, and expanding in an environment of Equipoise. Within Pashyantee itself, the aim has been to create literary and artistic streams where slow discursive writing, poetry, multi-lingual sensibilities, marginal voices and an ecological sensitivity can flourish and be cared for.

One of Pashyantee’s primary yearnings is to be able to bridge gaps between languages, between Hindi and English, between dialects, regional frameworks, between artforms and their extensions, between reviewing-revisiting and renewing altogether. To share each other’s poetic findings and water gaps that often reach out from within personal narratives transforming into political and philosophical outtakes.

We publish letters, poems, stories, essays, translations, book reviews, discursive and critical writing, visual and multi-media art, which are realized across a conceptual equipoise / samarasya and make way for the questioning of our own philosophical biases across timelines, while crafting as much space for the ‘colloquial’ as there is for the standardized and the formal.

While Pashyantee is home to a variety of authors, genres, and sub-genres, the platform is also dedicated to consistently widening new understandings of gender. The platform offers contributors space to exercise the freedom to disembody traditional notions of gender polarities and write/create from a space where alternate imaginations of structures and ideas can come to breathe.

We welcome submissions year-round in Hindi and English, and you can reach us at pashyanteepoetry@gmail.com for queries, submissions, collaborations or anything else.