‘Dust to Dust’ – Beena E.S’s Poem

Dust to Dust

beneath the earth;
a profoundly serene haven;

the beating heart’s refrain,
breath’s vessel,
stilled in repose;
tenderly parted gazes;
withered tresses;
decimated tissues;
a form so bare;
no dawn to break,
nor an endless night;
nestled in the lap of timeless serenity;
afar from the noise,
a tranquil refuge.

nosy whispers a fading echo,
through the cosmic stream;
tittle-tattle tales, softened and laudable;
in silence, kindness and grace;
a requiem that glows;
volumes of tranquil sound in silence,
a universe in a muted language;
words don’t wound,
nor the scorpion laughter taunt;
neither, the echoes of malice from unsung minds,
nor the taunt of sorrows;
neither the venom of gossip;
nor discernment’s cruel tone;
in the quiet beyond life’s veil,
eulogy weaves around;
transcendent essence, free to soar
among the galaxies, forevermore.

Summer’s Lease

In the sweltering embrace,
searing waves dance in a frenzied haze,
the earth lies still, in relentless blaze,
as fiery gazes set hearts ablaze.
air, burdened with weighty heat,
shimmers and sways in defeat,
callous rays beat down,
upon flesh, upon town.
leaves wilt, plants thirst,
surfaces parched and dry;
longing for the tease of raindrops’ sigh.

in the midst of stifling plight,
every breath feels like a fight,
yet undeterred, joy takes flight;
street vendors, with smiles wide,
rejoice in the hustle, in the tide.
tender coconut, nature’s own delight,
sugarcane juice, a sweet respite.
a colorful array of nature’s bounty spread,
their juicy sweetness, a feast for senses to be fed.
ice creams, with creamy swirls and frosty chill,
melt hearts with every scoop, a moment to thrill.

the sound of coins clinking clear,
amidst the sun’s relentless jeer.

Beena E. S is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandam.
She has published a novel titled “Thorns of Love.”
Additionally, her numerous poems have been featured in reputable platforms, including Indian Periodicals, RIC journal, and the Wingword Long List 2023. One of her poems also appeared in the December 2023 issue of Beetle magazine.