Bridging music and Hindi Poetry through the ‘Music and Poetry Project’ — Chinmayi Tripathi


    When we remember the “
golden era ” of Indian cinema, we remember it through great music – music that
had soul, great melody and beautiful lyrics. Great songs are always created by
a combination of great melody and great writing- a piece of poetry. However,
nowadays it is difficult to hear great, meaningful poetry in popular music and
film music barring a few exceptions, although there is large volume of great
poetry, classic writings by great poets in our country. This gap was identified
by Chinmayi  Tripathi,  an entrepreneur and  singer – songwriter  who 
started off a unique  initiative  – Music and Poetry Project
in association  with her partner and
producer –composer – Joell Mukherjii.

 A singer-songwriter and an MBA by profession, Chinmayi
is a trained classical vocalist and has released 3 music albums so far with
Times Music and Worldwide records. As an artist, Chinmayi is known for her own
original songs that have meaningful lyrics and rich compositions. Chinmayi has
received Vishnu Prabhakar Puruskar for her work in music and poetry and was one
of the five nominees from India by British Youth Awards 2012. Her music also has
been nominated for RadioCity Freedom Awards 2019. Chinmayi has also been the co
founder of an music platform-Songdew(web and TV) that promotes independent
music. After working for 5 years in the corporate world, Chinmayi decided  to 
dedicate her  entire  time and energy to music and  started 
off  the Music and Poetry Project

The objective of this
initiative is to merge great Indian poetry with contemporary music and extend
it’s reach to young audience. Over the last couple of years, this project has
been known
to reinvent classical Indian Poetry in the form of
contemporary music for new audience. Started off through a crowd funding
campaign on Wishberry(reference-
project  received  support from 
large  number of  people 
online who  believed  that great 
poetry should be  composed
and  presented as  songs. After raising the required funds
through crowd sourcing campaign, 
Chinmayi Tripathi composed and 
produced a bunch of songs  in  association 
with Joell Mukherjii- a versatile, multi talented artist who came
on  board as the music  producer of the project.

The first set of songs comprised of 
“chhayavad” poetry by iconic poets such as Nirala, Mahadevi Verma,
Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Shivmangal Singh Suman, Ramdhari singh Dinkar,
Dharamvir Bharti, Bhavani Prasad Mishra and poets  of today 
such as Anamika and Shellee. The songs have been released  by 
Times  music.  Here are some of the links to the music videos


Jaag tujhko duur jaana- Mahadevi Verma


Dheeth chandni- Dharamvir Bharti


Khushgappiyan- Anamika


Anhad Baaje- Shellee



Chinmayi and Joell 
with their live band have  been
performing  this music  along with their  live band at various music festivals, college
festivals in India and  UK-  with the objective of  popularizing
great poetry and literature among the youngsters. Their live performances have
been received well at the venues like – The Nehru Centre, Richmix,
Oxford University and Asia House, India Habitat Centre, NDMC-Central park,
Spoken Fest, Sahitya Aajtak- Delhi, Worli Festival, Kumbh Mela- 
Prayagraj, ICCR Mumbai,Levi’s Lounge, Jaipur Lit Fest,Kala Ghoda Festival among




Here are some of the links to the live renditions of


Bandho na naav is thaanv bandhu


Rashmirathi ( 
teesra adhyay)



“The idea behind producing the  music has always been to experiment and  bring different  kinds of 
sounds,  genres to  give it 
a rich and vibrant form of 
music  but at the  same time, 
keep the soul of the  poetry
intact” say  Chinmayi  and Joell.




Here are some more links to their music:

halke  gaadi  haanko – Kabir


Khali samay mein – Sarveshwar  Dayal 


Jeevan  ki aapadhaapi mein-
Harivansh Rai Bachchan


*All the music of
music and poetry project can be accessed at