Antithesis — Rati Agnihotri


A Raaga of Love

A heartless stone-cutter

Chisels the stones gently,

In another time and place

Lovers locked in an eternal embrace

Have turned fossils


  Banality of language

    Cannot capture the sublime magic of love

    Now, I mean this simple, straightforward

 No pun intended

  But the reader will forcefully read between the lines,

 That is precisely what I meant.

An echo chamber

A philopsher’s mind,

A lover’s heart

And an eternal vision

That reveals itself

Only in the deep seated chasm of a dream

All this

To create


Raaga of Love .


 And now

Bring back the woods

In  solid representational forms,

Tacky caricatures of the now gone kingdom of nature,

     Talk about wood

     Showcase the placards, banners and the pretty postcards,

     Curate the show

   With a hawk’s eye

And a heart of the gold,


Gold will create the perfect woods

Now that the kingdom of nature is gone.